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The Tibetan terrier is a dog breed that is originated in Tibet; the dog is present in other geographical locations as well. The breed is not a member of other groups of terrier, and the name of the breed was given to it by the European travelers due to its resemblance of the other famous terrier breeds. The name of this breed in Tibet is called ‘Tsang Apso’, which roughly translates to ‘shaggy or bearded dog’. Some of the old travelers’ accounts refer to the breed as ‘Dokhi Apso’ or simply ‘outdoor Apso’, which indicates the dog is a bearded or shaggy dog that, comes under the working category that lives in outdoors. The history this dog breed dates back to thousands of years, Tibetan Terriers were originally kept as mascots, good luck charms, herding dogs, companions, and watchdogs. And this breed is also known as the ‘Holy dogs of Tibet’, as they were never sold for money but were only gifted to others by the monks to promote the good fortune. The DNA analysis of the dog has been recently showing that the dog is descended from one of the most ancient breeds. This dog breed is widely seen in the Tibetan geographical location.


Over the period of 2000 years, the Tibetan Terriers were kept as a purebred and also isolated in the geographical location. Families and the monks are referred to the ancient breed that is translated as ‘The little people’, as they were highly valued for their companions that are eager to assist them in protecting the properties of the owners as well as the flocks. The dog breed was considered to be a bringer of good luck and also mistreating the breed or selling the Tibetan terrier was believed to bring bad fortune to both the family and village altogether. An English doctor named Dr. A.R.H Greig had brought the first Tibetan terrier to Europe in the year of 1922. She was later given a white and gold female puppy that was named ‘Bunti’ right after the successful performing operation on a patient in Tibet. After having a second male named ‘Rajah’, Dr. Greig started a kennel and began breeding them. This breed is one of the beautiful breeds that is raised for its elegant appearance and this is one of the reasons that this breed is loved by many of the people in the world.


Introducing it to the World

The first puppy was born in the year of 1924 and the breed was registered in the Kennel club too. In the year of 1930, the Kennel Club of India (KCI) changed the breed’s name to Tibetan terrier. The first Tibetan terrier in the US was imported in the year of 1956 by a doctor named Mrs. Alice Murphy from the Great Falls, Virginia. In the year of 1973, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has recognized the breed to the United States and has also classified the breed as a part of the group that of non-sporting. The breed is categorized in the guarding group as it is used to guard the herds in the mountains and also to be a guardian to the homes and the human’s other belongings. Tibetan Terriers are often considered to be the related to the other breeds that are developed and have given a significant contribution for some of the breeds like Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Tibetan Spaniel are few among them. This is due to one of the reasons that this breed is used to produce many cross breeds, and Tibetan terrier is one of the decorative dog breeds that is often praised for its looks.



This is a very powerful breed that is in a medium size of having square proportions along with covered in a shaggy coat. The height variation of the breed ranges from 35 to 41 cm (14 to 16 inches) and weight ranges from 8 to 14 kg (18 to 30 lb), and 8 to 14 kg (18 to 30 lb), with 9.5 to 11kg (20 to 24 lb) is preferred for any one of the sex. All weights are acceptable to the proportion of the size of the dog. Fully grown Tibetan terriers are often considered to be the miniature resemblance of the Old English sheepdog. The head is in a moderate size, also the muzzle of the dog is in a medium sized length as well as the skull being neither flat or round. The eyes of the breed are dark, large and fairly set apart each other. The ears of this breed are in V-shaped and they are well feathered and are located high on the skull’s both sides. The color of this breed is in many combinations although they are not in high contrast and the nose’s color is mainly black but sometimes can be brown.
The body of the Tibetan terrier is well built and muscled as well as compact. The height of the withers should be equal to the length of the back of the dog, providing it a typical square look. The tail of the breed is set high, carried in a curl in the back and it is well feathered. The Tibetan terrier has got one of the most unusual features that are their broad and flat fleet hair that is between the toes that are very useful to climb the mountains as well as acting as the snowshoes.

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